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The company was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria as Xcoolink Nigeria Limited with RC No: 935570.

Mission statements – In this time of ever-changing difficult times we want to make sure we apply our skills and experience to make a difference, not just today, but for tomorrow.

Our fields of interest for our goals are in Transportation, Sports, Natural Resources, Precious Resources, Renewable Energy, Water, Agriculture, Food safety, Environmental Cleanup, Education, Medical field for Prevention and Treatment, Imports & Exports and Real Estates Management.

Applying our expertise in funding and strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals with projects that can impact in the shortest periods is what we want to cultivate. This world is moving far too quickly without regard to impact in the fields we just mentioned and must take responsibility to re-purpose the industries and the mistakes that have been made.

The purpose of the company is to develop long-term projects that deliver Economic, Social, and Humanitarian benefits to the countries and communities in which it invests. Xcoolink Nigeria arranges and allocates capital at a macro level to build infrastructure that improves the capabilities and efficiency of host countries whilst fostering humanitarian programs at a micro level to increase the skill sets and capabilities of local communities.

Xcoolink Nigeria also seeks opportunities to establish business ventures that will help to " move the needle" and assist communities in making better lifestyle choices.

Xcoolink's business model is to partner with like-minded professionals & organizations who share common values in the areas of Economic, Humanitarian, and Social impact investing.